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After-sales Service


After-sales Service

Quality assurance ability

1. Establishment and certification of quality management system         

        MUDANJIANG XINBEIFANG PETROLEUM DRILLING TOOL CO.,LTD first passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2006, and then completed the ISO9001-2008 quality system transfer certificate. The most recent certification was the quality management system certification of Beijing Zhenyexing Management System Certification Co., Ltd. in April 2010. The coverage of this system is: design, production and service of oil drilling tools (except for national special approval).

2. API product certification         

        MUDANJIANG XINBEIFANG PETROLEUM DRILLING TOOL CO.,LTD first obtained the API SPEC 7-1 logo right in 2006, license number: 7-0506.

3. Continuous improvement

(1) Recruiting 3 senior engineers;

(2) Purchase or supplement 4 sets of thread gauges;

(3) 3 new CNC equipment purchased;

(4) Newly built workshops and centralized finished packaging workshops;

(5) Recruiting 8 skilled workers;

(6) Newly purchased 2D and 3D design software to improve design quality.


After-sales service center functions

1. Responsible for handling the quality doubts raised by the customer and evaluating and handling the claims made by the customer;

2, responsible for organizing on-site services;

3. Responsible for coordinating and supervising the schedule of repair or repair of products.


The promise of After-sale Service Dept.

1.For the doubt of product quality is proposed by customers, we should be reflect at once and reply in time, for the Claim of product be proposed by customers, we would be deal with it by method of evaluation.

2. If customer requests Field Service, we will enable customer satisfaction immediately.

3. For the products of more than warranty period, the products may be returned to the factory and be maintained


Technical service and training commitment

1. The instructions for the use of our company's product structure and principles should be explained and trained on-site. Our company can conduct on-site training;

2. When the customer requests on-site technical service and the product structure and usage precautions produced by our company for on-site training, our company immediately dispatches professional technicians to provide on-site service. Reach customer satisfaction;

3, the customer requires on-site surveying and mapping processing products, our company can send professional and technical personnel on-site support;

4. For the quality problems raised by customers, our company has responded quickly and solved on site;